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Podcast Rodeo for April 28: Your Ear ... Is Mine!

Justin McElroy

In this, the premiere edition of the Podcast Rodeo, we save you time by trolling the podcast ocean, bringing the freshest catches to your table and then running a knife across the length of their bellies, spilling their guts for your pleasure. Enjoy.

GFW Radio: Just listen to the first two minutes. You can thank us later.

1UP Yours: This week on 1UP Yours, Luke Smith records his last episode of the show before he stuffs his objectivity into a man cannon, shoots it into the sun and spins madly as dollar bills with Master Chief's face on them fall in a shower from the sky. Farewell, Luke!

Chatterbox: Fresh from a triumphant visit to the Joystiq Podcast, Chatterbox wins the official "You're Late to the Party" award by complaining about King Kong: The Movie: The Game for the 360. Playing the game was apparently just an act of desperation in pursuit of that accursed Old Spice Gamer Picture, which holds within it not only a fresh scent, but the power to drive men mad.

CAGcast: Episode 73 is titled "The One with Vagina Clown," which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about it. Or, at least, we hope so. Also, in accordance with federal law, Cheapy D and Wombat tell you how to get games for a shiny nickel and some soft shoe.

EGM Live: The EGM staff marks the anniversary of their podcast with tales of 360 death hitting close to home and considering playing TMNT to complete the Old Spice rewards challenge (See? Madness!). Also, crew members play a Wii port, ostensibly so they can more confidently make fun of Wii ports.

Mega64: In a discussion that could not have been further removed from video games, the Mega64 crew tries to figure out why old people make up different names for common things, like Rocco's grandmother's insistence that the movie Heavyweights was, in fact, titled Fat Gang. A bit more on topic, some behind-the-scenes info is provided about their latest video.

So, that does it for this week, comment here if there's a favorite podcast of yours you'd like us to give a listen to! And if it's awful, we'll ban you! ... Well, we won't ban you. But we'll look at you with a quizzical expression, which is way worse.

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