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Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker rocks out on beaches, picnics

Darren Murph

It's not like we had anything personal against the 80s style boomboxes that lasted a good half hour or so on eight D-cell batteries, but tagging one along to a day at the beach wound up getting pretty costly in a hurry. Joining the hordes of other eco-friendly and multi-faceted camping / outdoor gear is the Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker, which is quite likely to be overlooked as a simple thermos at first glance. Atop the canister sits a solar panel that soaks up energy and uses it to pump out tunes through its (understandably weak) five-watt speaker. Additionally, a complimentary wireless (albeit battery-powered) transceiver allows any music source with a 3.5-millimeter output to be beam music to the solar speaker from "up to 150 feet away." Reportedly, the sun-lovin' device will run UK-based chaps £99.95 ($199), but that's assuming you can actually catch it in stock.

[Via PopGadget]

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