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Ceratec's CeraLight Xeno audio system offers adjustable LED lighting

Darren Murph

If you're one of those folks who genuinely feel that Philips' Ambilight technology adds a whole new level to your television viewing experience, we'll tell ya, these are going to be awfully hard to resist. Ceratec's CeraLight Xeno audio system consists of four Ceraplanar flat diaphragm transducers and one subwoofer, and besides the 100-watts or so of power you'll have at your fingertips, these column speakers should delight the lighting freaks in the crowd with their remote-controllable brightness and color. Apparently, the LED-infused speakers can emit a variety of colorful glows depending on your mood, ensuring that there's never a lack of rainbow going on in your living room. Unfortunately, there's no word on price or availability just yet, but be sure to click on through to see these vivid sound sticks in action.

[Via FreshCreation]

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