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Improving time management with an iPod

The iPod does not jump out at me when I'm asked to think of time management tools. Entertainment and amusement? Certainly. Office tasks like note-taking, calendar management and work-flow? Not so much, even if you allow for iPod voice recording attachments.

Bill Bennett (and I'm pretty sure it's not that Bill Bennett) of Australia's "The Age" disagrees. He lists the iPod as one of his 10 ways to improve your time management. He writes, "[I]t may not have been designed as a productivity tool but it's possible to download your text-based to-do lists to an iPod." It is also possible to print out my text-based to-do lists and stick them into my wallet but that doesn't turn my wallet into the next and greatest GTD device. Am I off the mark here? What am I missing about iPods and their time management abilities?

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