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Pure Digital revisits Point & Shoot cam, unveils Flip Video


When all else fails, repackage your device with some gimmicky new software and a new brand, then send it back into the field with a hyperbole-filled press release and see what sticks. That seems to be Pure Digital's plan here with the Flip Video, an exact replica of the drug store-friendly Point & Shoot cam, with a 30 minute version going for $120, and a 60 minute edition priced at $150. The main difference, other than that new Flip Video moniker, is some YouTube-friendly software that lets you edit and upload your videos to video sharing sites relatively pain-free. Of course, you can still do the photo lab thing and get your videos turned into a DVD, but Flip Video's video sharing thrust does seem to have a good eye for the current market, even if the actual tech is getting a little dated by now. The device should be available today.

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