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Guitar Hero '80s edition in June -- maybe July


A Guitar Hero: '80s Edition for PlayStation 2 was unofficially announced back in January by EGM. Although the game still hasn't been officially announced -- like some other games that kept popping up without official confirmation -- sites are starting to show release dates for GH: '80s.

Gamespot says GH: '80s is being released June 4, 2007. However, Gamefly and Amazon Canada (but not US) have the title slated for a July 31 release. Gamefly has been a pretty reliable source for a title being legitimate, but the release date is up for debate. What we do know is that the ESRB has not rated the game yet. So rockin' to the '80s is in the cards for the near future, but we hope to get a solid date real soon for this still officially unannounced game.

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