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Private-label handsets to bring in $10 billion this year

Brian White

The majority of global wireless customers want the latest technology with the lowest price when it comes to wireless handsets, right? Global sales of entry-level cellphones in established and emerging markets would seem to confirm this. As such, new research concludes that private-label handset sales will jump 23 percent this year on the way to a $10.7 billion total market. In essence, no longer are those exclusive private carrier "brands" being relegated to higher-end handsets and smartphones (or so the predictions state). The theory behind this is the growing popularity of carrier branding and software customizations needed on low-end handset models -- without large cost additions. Local suppliers, in turn, may be able to fill these needs. Result: more private-label (carrier-branded) and low-end handsets are coming.

[Via and The Mobile Weblog]

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