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PTR notes: Go to the PTRs, fight Blizzard

Eliah Hecht

To help test out the new battleground matching feature, Blizzard is offering players the chance to fight teams of "World of Warcraft community managers and other Blizzard employees." This Friday, May 4, starting at 2:00 PM PDT, go to the PvP PTR with a level 70 character, queue up for WSG, and prepare to battle your creators.

They've done this before, and I think they lost at least a few of the games. Think how cool it would be to beat Blizzard at their own game. I wonder why they always pick WSG, though. That's definitely my least favorite of the three pre-BC battlegrounds (I haven't tried EotS yet). Anyway, full blue post after the cut as usual.

On Friday, May 4, we're going to be enabling the battleground matchmaking system on the public test realms (PTRs). The matchmaking system will help match teams against each other based on their gear and level of organization. To usher in this new feature and help aid in testing, we're going to be sending in World of Warcraft community managers and other Blizzard employees to take on any teams willing to challenge us. Come onto the PvP test realm on Friday, May 4, beginning at 2:00 PM PDT, with your level-70 characters and queue for the Warsong Gulch battleground.

To begin downloading the PTR client and copying your characters, go here: And, to learn more about the upcoming patch, you can view the PTR patch notes here:

Once you've tried out the new content on the PTR, please be sure to post any feedback, bugs, or issues concerning the Black Temple patch and the matchmaking system in particular in the Test Realm forum:

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