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Ask Engadget: Forget the man bag, how about a gadget purse?


It's Ask Engadget time once again: you provide the questions (send 'em in to ask at engadget dawt com), you provide the answers (in the comments), and we provide the drinks! Well, actually, not really -- we're just here to watch. Yesterday we were looking at camcorders with Clancy, and now we've got Lisa looking for a gadget friendly purse to carry her gadget stash with style:

"I've been trying to find a good solution to carry all of my gadgets around, keep them safe, and keep them organized for years. I'm not talking about a laptop case here -- I'm looking for a purse. I'm looking for a bag that looks at least halfway decent and can handle my iPod, PDA, Nintendo DS, cell phone, eReader, and digital camera (and anything else that I "need" to have with me at any given time), and ideally give me relatively quick access to all of them. Oh, and I'd really like to not have to pay much more than $100 for it. Am I asking for too much? You guys covered a man-bag for a question similar to mine, but I'm really looking for a more feminine option."

We did indeed talk about man bags a couple of years ago, and while we'd love to hear your more recent favorites on that topic as well, let's help out the ladies in the audience in need of some gadget transport that doesn't involve a fashion dive.

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