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Bose drops off Media System, Ferrari at FCC headquarters

Ryan Block, @ryan

Typically when you want your device tested by the FCC, you have to send over a real-world production unit so its radio emissions and communications capabilities can be tested in under (confined) real-world conditions. However, and maybe we're being just a little paranoid here, unlike Bose we probably wouldn't send over our gear housed in a $250,000 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Actually, we can understand the need to impress the government organization that can make or break most any gadget's release, so if Bose did indeed send over its test sample Media System in a Scaglietti, as it appears they did, we can only hope those rough and tumble FCC testers returned it without so much as a scratch -- the Media System that is. Oh yeah, a few new details about the incoming in-dash nav system: it organizes and knows what's up with your media by using Gracenote and AMG's (All Media Guide) media metadata tech, and it uses maps by Navteq. Oh yeah, and one little bit they left out of the initial press release -- it tunes television. Not that you should be watching while driving, but if you pull an Erikkson with your Ferrari trying to catch the latest ep of Heroes, we are so going to laugh at you.

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