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Leaked Halo 3 video bonanza!


Update: The videos have been pulled from YouTube. And we imagine bipchizzle has been pulled from the beta. Only a few more days and we can all play it for ourselves.

If Halo 3 were a boat, it would be nestled comfortably at the bottom of the sea right now. You see, we're talking about leaks. A YouTube user by the name of bipchizzle has posted several new videos of the Halo 3 beta. The quality isn't fantastic (he was using a Vision Camera) but we do get a halfway decent look at some weapons (including the new M6G pistol) and a brand new level called Epitiah (perhaps a misspelling of Epitaph?). As an added bonus, the video embedded above actually features Major Nelson! We've embedded the other videos after the break. Please note that these videos use some salty language, so turn off the sound if you have sensitive ears or if you're at work. Get 'em while the gettin's good. We've still got an hour or so before people start waking up in Redmond.

This is a new indoor level, Epitiah.

A much longer look at Epitiah. A closer look at the new pistol, plasma rifle, BR, and SMG. Beware of offensive language.

Here we get a look at an outdoor level, possibly Valhalla. At approximately 0:24, we see what could be the power drainer item. It creates a radius of energy of some sort, presumably to drain the shields of your opponents. The video goes completely black about halfway through.

This video shows off the user video "File Share" section, presumably where you can download Halo 3 videos made by other players. There is also a glimpse of the Spartan customization options. Only 13 days left, fanboys. Stay strong.

[Via The Xbox Domain. Thanks, Ralph]

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