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PC World editor quits over Apple story

Mat Lu

This story on Wired blog is interesting. About a month ago the former CEO of Macworld Magazine, Colin Crawford, took over sister magazine PC World and just recently put the kibosh on a story idea for the latter: "Ten Things We Hate about Apple." According to Wired's anonymous source: "It was supposed to be light fare, just really innocuous stuff. The same kinds of things people have said about Apple before -- things that teased Steve Jobs." This prompted the editor-in-chief of PC World, Harry McCracken, to resign in protest. The Wired story continues: "Crawford also told editors that product reviews in the magazine were too critical of vendors, especially ones who advertise in the magazine, and that they had to start being nicer to advertisers." Supposedly when Crawford was still at Macworld, "Steve Jobs would call him up any time he had a problem with a story the magazine was running about Apple."

So clearly the implication is that Macworld is a sort of Pravda of Apple, Inc., and kept in line by upper management who kowtow to Cupertino. So what do you think? Does this make you suspect the objectivity of Macworld Magazine?

[via Daring Fireball]

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