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Rumor: New PlayStation 3 model less than 18 months away

Kevin Kelly

We already know that Ken Kutaragi had a vision for the next several PlayStations, but we didn't think they'd literally be right around the corner. Smarthouse claims that we'll be seeing the next version of Sony's game machine within 18 months, which seems way too soon to us. Upon closer reading, it is.

Despite Smarthouse's "it's a PlayStation 4!" it sounds more like the PS3.5 to us. According to the story, "The device will include the same chipset as the current PS3 but where it will differ from the current model is in the drive bay and in the attachment area. It will also include an extensive software suite for the managing of content being streamed to a TV or Hi Fi source."

Actually, it sounds a lot like the less than stellar PSX / Frankenstein system, set to make a return after a jolt of lightning that we like to call "poor PS3 sales."

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