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Sony says PS3 now supports downloaded PSOne games (again)


Sony first touted PS3 support of previously-downloaded PSOne titles when it rolled out its latest firmware update last month, but as many of you are no doubt aware, that desirable feature didn't exactly work as promised. Well, it looks like Sony has finally managed to get all the kinks worked out, and is now telling folks that the PSOne game they've already downloaded for their PSP will, in fact, work on their PS3 as well. The only catch is that you'll have to re-download them on your PlayStation 3, although Sony thankfully won't charge you again for that additional hassle. As our pals at Joystiq point out, however, the real PSOne-related feature we're waiting for is downloads straight to the PSP (or even by way of a PC), but there's still no word from Sony on that possibility.

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