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Veritronix's VX-818 Bluetooth speaker / handsfree device

Darren Murph

Veritronix's latest certainly won't go down as the first of its kind, but it does add a dash of style and compactness to the ever-growing BT speaker market. Coming in at just 13-millimeters thick and resembling the size of a "business card," this speaker / handsfree interface sports Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, a touch-sensitive control panel, a set of stereo drivers, and a built-in microphone as well. Furthermore, you'll find both 3.5-millimeter line-in and out jacks, USB charging abilities, and a reported playback duration of eight hours. No word just yet concerning pricing or availability, but the challenging part will finding a way to get this sucka into North America once it hits the Hong Kong streets.

[Via Slashphone]

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