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Friday Video: History and strategy


A combination of sim and strategy plus online multiplayer means that you probably don't care much what Anno 1701 looks like, at least, if you're a strategy fan. It's playable? Great, say the devotees. That's all we need.

The rest of us, however, like a little video action, and we've got this PC-to-DS game on display after the jump. In Anno 1701, your mission is to civilize the wilds of North America; discover appropriate land, stick a flag in it, and build your civilization.

For added giggles, consider that this game is being released for the DS in the UK and Australia, and not in the U.S. (at least, for now). Sounds like a case of art imitating life to us. For all you Brits, this is your chance to get in there and show us colonists who's boss!

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