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Sony is 61 years old today!

Colin Torretta

While not directly PlayStation 3 related, one of our readers reminded us that Sony was founded 61 years ago today in Tokyo. Started in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in a bombed-out building, the company was originally called 'Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation.' They didn't actually adopt the Sony title until 1958.

Over the years, Sony has been responsible for some amazing technology. They created Japan's first tape recorder - dubbed the Type-G, the Compact Disc format (in association with Philips), and the amazingly successful PlayStation 2. Granted, they've also had their share in some flops (Betamax and MiniDisc, we're looking at you), but since birthdays are a time of celebration, we won't dwell on the bad things.

What favorite Sony memories do you have? And please, keep the sarcastic responses to a minimum. :)

[Thanks cubeguy for the reminder and Wikipedia for the data!]

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