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Major Nelson co-host burns Epic in 'free' debate

Justin McElroy

Those of you who regularly listen to the podcast for Xbox Live's Major Nelson may have noticed your clicking finger heating up as you moused over the "Download" link this week, probably because the Major's co-host "e" used the show to totally burn (In l33t parlance: own) Epic. It's either that, or you were having a stroke. Let's hope it was the totally sick burn.

The burn-a-thon started last month with Epic's Tim Sweeney's complaint on 1UP Yours that they wanted to give their new Gears of War maps away, but Microsoft was forcing them to charge. On this week's cast, the Major's fellow Xbox Live staffer e retorted: "I do find this amusing though; a lot of people may not remember this but a year ago Epic was bragging about how they cost us one billion dollars." OMG! Burn!

Unwilling to let the mysteriously-named e be the sole Burninator, the Major added: "They love spending other people's money, it's always easy to spend other people's money." Ooh, mini-burn! Now, this isn't exactly a fair accounting comparison, as Epic just helped convince Microsoft to give their system more RAM and Epic developed (read: paid for) the maps. But why let facts get into the way of a good burn?

In much more disappointing news, the Major has already busted out the fire extinguisher, updating the show notes on his site with apologies for offending anyone and the insistence that he was only joking. Guys, when you step away from a sick burn, you only burn yourselves.

[via CVG]

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