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GRAW 2 gets 'Throwback Pack' for $10

Justin McElroy

We imagine it's not uncommon for soldiers to long for the battlefields of their youth, the place where they grew up and became part of a tightly-knit fighting force. Despite the adage, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 players feeling those pangs can actually go home again, thanks to the 800-point ($10) "Throwback Pack" which whisks them from their modern battleground of Mexico on a nostalgic trip to Kazakhstan, the Korean Peninsula and ... well, other parts of Mexico.

There are seven "remastered" Ghost Recon maps in the pack, which is available now. That's all the information we get from the blade description but IGN says that they're drawn from Ghost Recon 2, GR 2: Summit Strike and GRAW 1. So, how about it GRAW fans? Is a trip down Memory Lane and a fresh hit of tactical action worth a ten spot?

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