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A whole slew of EverQuest and EverQuest II, electric boogaloo

Kevin Kelly

Sony Online Entertainment gave us a lot of EverQuest to digest recently, including the fact that they are only going to be releasing one expansion per year from now on. Players were complaining that with the expansion packs coming out every time they blinked six months, they weren't getting enough time to explore the new worlds.

Speaking of new worlds, if you've never jumped on board the EverQuest bandwagon, you can pick up the just released EverQuest: The Anniversary Edition for only $19.99. It contains every expansion ever made for EverQuest, which at last count was thirteen. That's a lot of adventuring, folks. Hard to believe it's been around for eight years now.

EverQuest II also gets some love in the form of a huge new expansion called The Rise of Kunark, which comes out in November. It adds a new playable race, weapons, armor, zones, deities, now level cap at 80, and even a new mount ... a rhinoceros. We're not sure about you, but tooling around on a rampaging rhino sounds like sweet ride.

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Sony also announced that EverQuest II is getting it's own official magazine called 'EQuinox'. Issues run $12.99 a pop, and feature strategy guides, maps, and more. Just try not to pay for your subscription with your World of Warcraft credit card, or you might rip open a hole in the RPG space-time continuum.

Check out the gallery, and raise a glass of ale to almost a decade of EverQuesting. Huzzah!

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