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Half phone, half camcorder: Samsung's SCH-B750

Chris Ziegler

It looks like a bit of a beast, but at least it rocks a spec sheet to match its intimidating layout. The SCH-B750 (for Samsung's domestic Korean market, naturally) is being billed as a "camcorder phone" with a swiveling display and 3 megapixel shooter that combine to mimic the way you'd hold a small digital video camera (ring any bells?). Features include QVGA internal and OLED external displays, DMB, TV out, comprehensive media support, and microSD expansion. It's not as big as it looks, either, coming in at a reasonable 99 x 51 x 16 millimeters. No word on when exactly Koreans will be able to grab this puppy, but one thing's for certain: it'll be a lot sooner than we can.

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