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Square Enix press conference: Last Remnant screens + Star Ocean 4

Jem Alexander

Square Enix have confirmed that The Last Remnant will be released for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 at a press conference in Japan yesterday. It will be the first Square Enix game to be released in America and Japan simultaneously. While we already expected this, it's always nice to hear it from the horse's mouth. On top of this confirmation Square Enix released some screen shots and art from the game. They look gorgeous, of course. The battle scene showing the Japanese character, Rush, fighting on a battlefield is perhaps the most interesting as it gives various hints towards the potential gameplay mechanics involved.

Gemaga took photos of all the slides during the press conference. One that really caught our eye was the third one down in this post. It simply says 'Star Ocean 4 (tentative title) under development' with the Square Enix and tri-Ace logos at the bottom. It seems the console the game will eventually arrive on has yet to be determined. Hopefully we will find more out at the Square Enix party. If not, then there's this ominous 'May 30th' date which is mentioned in all of Gemaga's posts.

As a final treat, one slide shows some information on Final Fantasy XII: International, which will be released on the 9th of August in Japan and will feature something known as the 'Zodiac Job System'. Sounds intriguing. What is it? We'll let you know when we find out.

PSP owners, make sure you check out this post on PSP Fanboy for some more Star Ocean news.

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