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Boston Innovative's iMep boombox sports iPod dock and LCD

Darren Murph

We know, the iPod boombox market is entirely over saturated as it is, but Boston Innovative's latest attempt at joining the fray is so fully featured (and oh-so-cheesy), we can't help but check it out. The fire engine red device can purportedly be snapped up in black as well, and features a built-in iPod dock, seven-inch LCD, CD / DVD player, stereo speakers, integrated NTSC TV tuner, an AM / FM radio tuner, USB port, and support for SD, MMC, and MS flash cards. Notably, you'll also find optical and coaxial digital audio outs alongside the typical composite video output, as well as a connection for an external television or radio antenna. A couple of models enable users to pick a flip-up screen or a front-mounted display, and while we wouldn't count on the sound quality to be anything worthy of praise, you can pick one up for your next excursion for $300.

[Via CNET]

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