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Vonage might have a patent workaround, not promising anything


What's that you say? A faint glimmer of hope on the horizon for Vonage? Surely you jest! But that unlikely-as-it-seems scenario appears to be just the case, with Vonage following up recent Q1 financial results of shrinking losses ($72.3 million, as opposed to $85.2 million last year) and growing sales ($195.9 million, up 64 percent) with news of a heretofore-thought-impossible technology solution to its patent woes. "We will begin rolling these workarounds out shortly, hopefully in the next few weeks, and we believe they will work," says CEO Jeffrey Citron. Analysts point out that Vonage isn't making any promises, and the company is far from out of the woods, but we're guessing Vonage wouldn't be bragging about something like this in the midst of appealing the Verizon patent suit if there wasn't some truth to it. The update will apparently be low-cost, just involving software downloads.

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