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Psion Teklogix's WORKABOUT PRO gets rugged with WinMo

Darren Murph

We've seen handheld workhorses before, but Psion Teklogix is taking Windows Mobile 6 to the tough side in its new line of WORKABOUT devices. Offering users the choice of Windows CE 5.0 or WinMo 6 Classic / Professional, the WORKABOUT PRO C sports a full alphanumeric keypad, while the PRO S trims down by nixing the alphabet. Both units are powered by a 520MHz PXA270 CPU, and boast 128MB of Flash ROM, 128MB of SDRAM, optional 802.11b/g via a CF adapter, GSM / GPRS / EDGE WWAN connectivity, Bluetooth, a 3.6-inch VGA touchscreen, built-in speaker / microphone, and the obligatory dust, rain, and shock proof qualities that you'd expect on such a rugged machine. Additionally, a bevy of scanning expansion modules are included, and while pricing details aren't readily available, anyone that's likely to be interested in this one can just charge it to the corporate card and fuhgetaboutit.

[Via PocketPCThoughts]

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