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Podcast Rodeo for May 13: Mutinear

Justin McElroy

Hey, it's time for the Podcast Rodeo once more. This is the very special episode where we learn a little something about ourselves. Hopefully, you'll come with us on this very emotional journey.

1UP Show: The show returns for the summer with a hot new theme song, Odin Sphere video, a preview of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and tons of stuff on Team Fortress 2, which still looks incredible.

Gamers With Jobs Conference Call: The old, old men of GWJ celebrate their 30th episode with special guest star Big Huge Games' Brian Reynolds talking about the making of Catan. Also, there's some interesting discussion of the debacle, if you've not yet grown tired of the topic.

GFW Radio: Whiskey Nerd gets a job as a guerilla marketer. Hilarity ensues. We know this is the third time on the Rodeo for GFW, but we're powerless to unseat it as long as Nerd is still the best part of our week. Oh, there's also some chatting with Bill Roper, so why are you complaining?

Inside Track: One man show Casey Ayers attempts to make the case that crappy third-party support is killing the Wii. He also describes the idea that hardcore gamers aren't playing the system as "utter malarkey," which positively scandalized the ladies at the soda shop.

Major Nelson: We get to hear the burn of all burns in this episode, and that's great. But you also get to hear Pac-Man champ Billy Mitchell use the phrase "absolutely, trap 'em, nail 'em and throw 'em in the river like I did everybody for all these years" with the icy intensity of a man twice his crazy. Ladies and gentlemen, with his second appearance on the Rodeo, I give you ... Billy Mitchell.

That's it for this week. As always, keep those podcast suggestions coming.

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