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Scott McNulty

Anzan is an interesting new application from Yellow Camp Software that sets out to bring the simplicity of iChat to the world of file transfers. Anzan, much like IM programs, requires that both machines have the program installed on it. Once that is done you have a buddy list which shows you who is online and ready for file transfers. Now, before you get your hopes up about transferring files across the continent, both computers running Anzan need to be on the same local network.

That may limit the appeal of Anzan, but it has a few features which make it a killer app for anyone who has lots of Mac on a local network. You can push out the same file to multiple Macs, and even include a little note about the file. You can have a 'whitelist' of senders from whom Anzan will automatically accept transfers, and it is dead simple to use. If you can IM you can Anzan.

Since Anzan is useless on just one machine the price starts at $18.95 for two licenses and goes up from there.

[via Musings from the Software Underground.]

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