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Boston mayor wants more developers, but backs Jack Thompson


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino really can't seem to craft a clear message on the video game industry. Despite numerous attacks against the industry, including his full support to pull GTA ads on the T for purely political reasons and supporting a Jack Thompson drafted bill, he wants to bring more gaming companies to the city.

The city of Boston currently has no notable game companies within its borders. The best up-and-coming companies (meaning they aren't Blizzard, EA, Activision or Ubisoft just yet) like Turbine (Lord of the Rings Online), Harmonix (Guitar Hero, Rock Band) and Blue Fang Games (Zoo Tycoon) are all located outside the city in Westwood, Cambridge and Waltham respectively. Meaning they bring neither tax revenue or help "creative industries flourish" within the city.

It would be great to see some creative energy be injected into the city with tax incentives given to game companies. This is also part of the mayor's plan to retain young professionals, which the city continues to hemorrhage after the students leave university due to cost of living. Now if the mayor could just be schooled that one of the ways to attract game companies is not to align yourself with Jack Thompson there might be hope for the city yet. Looks like Thompson is leaving more than a few politicians looking stupid in his wake.

[Via GamePolitics]

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