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Bungie, I am SO mad at you


Dear Bungie, Micro$oft and Major Tom,

I am super mad at you for all the pain and grief you've put on me for the last seven hours and forty seven minutes. OMG, it's a simpel thing you had to do. All you had to do was flip the BEST BETA EVAR swich in your office and give me and the fans across the world sum Halo 3 action. But no, you n00bs couldnt' even manage that. Let's look at what I've done for you!

First of all, I gave you 60 bucks for my beta ticket i could have just left it at that, but I played the included Crackdown (more liek Suckdown!) game for over 80 hours. I got all the acheivvement points and stuff to see if it unlocked the beta early, but nothing fine, I said, I'll get my munny's worth later. I'll wait until the "official" launch date, whateva. So I waited. Like, a lot. I bought an xtra X-box 360 (an ELITE, which is awesome BTW) just in case I got red-ringed before the beta. I took the whole week off work so I could play it without being interrupted and I told my mom to leave me alone. I did all of that, and what do you give me? nothing.

You guys have lost all your credibility now. I've been staring at the crackdown menu for a whole day, when I could have been doing something useful! You wasted my time and I can never get it back!!1I could have picked up my daughter from school by now, but no, you make me sit here and wait and wait and wait until you get your freaking act together. After all that time playing Halo 2, writing fanfiction and making wallpapers of Master Chief (he pwns the stupid Arbitrary) and dedicating my days to you... this is how yuo thank me? No, let me thank you.

Thank you for completely screwing up my life, Bungie. This is all your fold!

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