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Ecco and Sonic get ESRB rating for XBLA


The ESRB recently rated both Sonic the Hedgehog (also rated for PS3) and Ecco the Dolphin for Xbox 360. It's not that much of a stretch to assume this gives a little bit more validation to the Sega Vintage collection screens that popped up earlier this month.

We're going to guess that having the original Sonic make another pass in digital distribution land is not part of Sega's reinvention tour for their mascot. It'd be nice to see Sonic Team get some blue ambition, hopefully all these re-releases of the original Sonic (which is already available on the Wii's Virtual Console) are an attempt to get some cash together for a solid next-gen Sonic title. Is this delusional daydreaming? Possibly not if Sega is serious about bringing Sonic back to his original glory.

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