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HD DVD vs Blu-ray: Little interest in either?

Ben Drawbaugh

While Blu-ray and/or HD DVD might be the biggest news here an Engadget HD, the same can't be said for the world of home automation and high-end home theater installers. CE Pro has an interesting article about the reasons why this is the case, but were not sure if we buy it. We have talked with a few high end home theater installers in our area and there seems to be two reasons why those who are willing spend 100k on a home theater are not interested. The main reason is because these high end shops, don't always carry the same brands as the big box stores -- for business reasons -- and these brands like Denon, Marantz, and Onkyo don't make players (yet) for either format. Lets face it, many of these people have more money than sense and they buy what the shop is selling. Why would a shop sell a brand they normally don't carry? The other reason is that many of these high-end customers want movie jukebox systems like those from Kaleidescape and as we all know, neither format has yet to deliver on the manage copy promise. Either way, it seems like a pretty big waste to watch upconverted DVDs on a 100k home theater, when you could be enjoying true 1080p with master quality audio.

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