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Ricavision unveils its latest Sideshow/MCE remote, the RICA100

Nilay Patel

Ricavision continues to rock the SideShow action today -- in addition to the devices unveiled yesterday, it looks like they're finally ready to ship that nifty SideShow-enabled Vista Media Center Edition we saw back at CES as the RICA100. There's been a few changes since -- Bluetooth range has been increased to 300 meters, the button layout has been substantially beefed-up and revised to meet Microsoft's MCE guidelines, and the docking / charging cradle has been totally redesigned into a smaller, sleeker unit. All those changes don't come cheap, though -- the RICA100's MSRP is now $299, up from $199. We can't help but notice that this design is just a render too, though -- let's hope Ricavision shows off an actual physical product sometime soon.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]

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