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You think you're excited about Starcraft II?

Justin McElroy

We know that the announcement of Starcraft II has all but caused the internet to explode, and we admit to being totally stoked enough by that intro trailer to describe ourselves as "totally stoked" in a public forum. But can you imagine what it must be like in Korea? Seriously, can you imagine? It would be like people in the United States finding out that there was a sequel to American Idol that would also power their cars. We thought on this Starcraft Saturday it might be helpful to remind you how it looks when an entire culture hovers near the brink of insanity and is subsequently pushed off.

Watch the above video, those are 10,000 people waiting for the announcement of the game. Watch this feature. If you can get past the extremely energetic host, you can see an American guy wishing that he had been born and raised in Korea so he could be a "rock star" ... of Starcraft. Read this blog to get 1UP's James Mielke's first-hand account of the madness. Our question to you: Do you pine for a culture like that of Korea, or are you happy losing you mind in the privacy of your own home?

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