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KTF's EV-W200 and EV-K200 sliders rock e-dictionaries

Darren Murph

While Alcatel's latest slider is taking care of the European market, KTF is lookin' out for the Korean side by busting out a duo of new sliders for its homeland. The EV-W200 sports a two-megapixel camera, built-in MP3 player, video telephony capability, an e-dictionary, Bluetooth, and a photo viewer, while the EV-K200 steps it down to a 1.3-megapixel camera but maintains most everything else. Notably, the EV-W200 does indeed resemble Samsung's U600 just a hair too much for comfort, but considering that we Americans will probably never get the luxury of using these on US soil, we'll let them fight that one out elsewhere.

[Via Slashphone]

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