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Some new Quake Wars screenshots seem explosive

Nick Doerr

Everyone loves the Quake franchise. Even those directly opposed to FPS titles from birth should be able to appreciate the nuances and intricacies the Quake games have brought to the -- oh, whatever. They're a good FPS series, but that's about it. However, with the newest upcoming entry, Quake Wars, they might actually change things up enough to appear fresh and delicious.

The action shooter combining real-time strategy elements is showing off some new screenshots today and they look fantastic. Whether in a tank, on foot, or some kind of jet, the game looks intense. The game will hit the PC in mid-June, but a console release is expected shortly thereafter for the 360 and PS3. We don't know if the final result will merit all the hype, but we can hope so! Anyone else pumped for this game?

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