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Nokia E90 gets reviewed

Brian White

Nokia Communicator fan? If you've quite not found the cash or willingness to spring for the newest Communicator (the E90), take a look at the mobile-review review (after the break) and sink your teeth into it. We've peeped the E90 a few times already, but it's good to have another stab at the thing (yeah, we admit -- we're too close to the E90 now). Mobile-review's summary? Here you go: weak vibration, good reception quality, excellent email handling and web browsing capability, good and tactile QWERTY-ness and two great screens -- and it seems less like a "smartphone" and more like a portable PC. We like the comeback of the Series 60 platform (3rd. edition, FP1) in the E90 as well. All in all, this Nokia beauty looks incredibly capable for the user who will want one.

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