Nokia's E90 Communicator: first pics!

Check it QWERTY geeks, we've got a trio of clandestine snaps of Nokia's oft rumored, but never seen E90 communicator. As you can see from the pics, the E90 does indeed pack a dual-hinge allowing it to open like a 9500 or fold-up flat like the 9300. And while you're checkin' the cameraphone snaps, know this: according to our new best friend and source -- "Brando" -- it does indeed pump S60 at its core and boasts a solid 3.2 megapixel cam. But damn, you see that bigazz main display? Could that be the rumored 800 x 352 pixel resolution? We'll know soon enough -- 3GSM is next week where we're pretty sure this will see an official launch.

Update: A bit more detail: HSDPA (yes), GPS (no), quad-band GSM (yes), WiFi (of course), internal display (800 x 352), external display (240 x 320). Both screens support 16 million colors and all applications can run on either screen -- launch an app on the external display, open and continue working with a massive increase in pixel-estate.

[Thanks, Brando]