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Ugobe's Pleo packaging unveiled, battery now replaceable

Darren Murph

Unfortunately, we don't have any surefire news that Ugobe's long-awaited Pleo is actually any closer to shipping, but considering that a design has apparently been decided upon for the packaging, we'll take that as a hint. Ugobe's founder Caleb Chung was quoted as saying that the "photos on the box are nearly life size and are designed to convey the wonderful range of expression and organic movement of which Pleo is capable," and continued on in order to mention that the final version of the dino would sport a battery that's both rechargeable and replaceable. Lastly, he threw in yet another phrase of confidence that the device was "getting really close" to actually launching, but considering the false alarms we've seen in the past, we're not banking on anything until this bad boy invades a few homes.

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