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HTC Kaiser gets unboxed

Chris Ziegler

Best Pocket PC Professional phone ever? The Boy Genius seems to think that's a description befitting the Kaiser, having taken inventory of his very own -- and given the spec sheet, we tend to agree. Windows Mobile 6, a 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, and 128MB of onboard RAM (yes, RAM, not ROM) are a solid start, and when you add in GPS and triband HSDPA, we're left a little speechless as to what HTC could possibly add to make everyone happy. A VGA display, perhaps, though the pure trickness of the flip-up hinge at least partially makes up for that minor indiscretion. It seems the only bad news about the Kaiser is the release; rumor has it we won't see a commercial shipment until October, which is like forever and a day from now according to our calendars.

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