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NASA's Shuttle Launch Experience thrill ride simulates shuttle blast off

Darren Murph

While just being in the presence of a full scale Gundam makes it worth the price of admission, we'd speculate that talking a stroll in the Land Walker would fall more into the thrill ride category. Of course, rocketing from ground zero into outer space takes things (almost) to another level galaxy, and that's precisely what NASA's Shuttle Launch Experience gives you a taste of. The $60 million attraction opened up yesterday to a team of nearly 40 astronauts, some of which reportedly said that the ride managed to best actual training simulators in terms of sheer realism. Apparently, the ride takes passengers through a simulated shuttle launch, and utilizes 13-channels of surround sound, rumbling seats, and an 84-inch HD screen to terrorize (in a good way) riders. Granted, we'd have no idea what cruising around at 17,500 miles-per-hour feels like, but for folks visiting the Kennedy Space Center, feel free to chime in if you can put it into words.

[Via Wired]

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