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Pentax buckles, gets bought by Hoya


We'd say "another one bites the dust," only that in the case of multi-billion dollar company takeovers, the metaphorical particulate is invariably of the gold form. Yeah, the latest mega-corp takeover is here, as Pentax has been taken over by Japanese company, Hoya. The deal was overshadowed by some rough internal wrangling in Pentax, involving calls from shareholders to reinstate an ex-President in favor of the takeover: the end result being that the current one, Takashi Watanuki, was forced to agree to the merger. We can't draw much from this deal at the moment, but as Hoya is involved in technology like medical imaging equipment, we'd expect a proportion of the impact to fall outside of our gadgetry remit. We've no fear that Pentax will be dropping out of the con / prosumer camera market just yet though, so for now just think of this as a business blip on your gadget radar.

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