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Forum post of the day: Get thee behind me, Satanic raiding guilds!


I have long awaited the day when Saristinae, the Guild Relations forum troll that gets me angry beyond comprehension, would venture out to the General forums and get flamed into a crisp. And forsooth, that day has arrived.

For those of you unfamiliar with the WOW Forums, casuals vs. raiders is one of the big arguments that always crops up on the forums. And if casuals vs. raiders could be compared to, say, Republicans vs. Democrats, Saristinae would be Fred Phelps, doggedly protesting everything without making any sense at all.

Now, I'm not a hardcore raider -- I'd wager I fall somewhere on the line between casual and raider -- but Saristinae's arguments make me incandescent with rage. Basically, he believes everyone who ever considers themself superior to another person, in any way, shape or form, is evil. Not just bad, EVIL. And SATANIC. And raiding guilds, by the process of being proud about their progression and not accepting every single recruit, are the forefront of EVIL in WOW. WOW is apparently a moral battlefield between the forces of good equality and evil exclusivity. Oh, and to see any of the content you apparently have to be a "sexist European."

Some wonderful quotes:

  • "So, your sense of self worth depends on other people being below you? By people losing? That, my friend, is what we call a superiority complex. And it is wrong and evil."
  • "Raiding brings out the worst in people. The greedy people and the fascist people. At this point, no sane person could ever believe that raiding is a good thing."
  • "Unfortunately, I don't think that 25 people in this game exist who aren't either megalomaniacs, loot !*#%#s, or just plain evil."
  • "Are you one of those people who thinks that not working hard makes a person subhuman? Because if you think yourself superior to a person in any way, you think the other person is subhuman. And that is evil."
  • "Feeling superior to another person just because you work harder than they do, or even for any reason at all, is satanic in my opinion."
You can see how arguing with Saristinae gets tiring. Very few people enjoy being called evil fascist dictators, and any argument is turned into "You want to silence my beliefs! You believe others are subhuman!" The sad thing is, he does kind of have a point, as I'm also tired of the "QQ casuals lrn2zelda lol" threads. But extending that attitude to every raider in game is ridiculous. What do you think?

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