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Dirty Dancing, we never felt like this before


Nobody puts Baby in a corner. After 20 years, all the little girls and boys who wished they were on a retreat in the Catskills learning dance moves from Patrick Swayze will finally get their wish. Syncing up with the movie's platinum anniversary, Codemasters is releasing a Dirty Dancing ... "casual puzzle action" title?! We want the time of our life, we want to feel life we've never felt before, so we swear, and this is the truth, we want DDR Dirty Dancing. Who would even think to contain the Swayze in a "casual puzzle action" title?

Anne Parducci, vice president of marketing at Lionsgate film says, "For two decades, girls and women have identified with Baby, and through this wonderful game from Codemasters, they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in her world like never before." But what if a boy wants to dance with Jennifer Grey instead of the Swayze? Options people, give the gamer options.

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