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Yes, a Car Lighter Adapter for the Wii

Eric Caoili

Just when you think accessory manufacturers have hit rock bottom with the dozens of inane products already on store shelves, they take a step to the side and reveal a previously hidden trapdoor that peers into an untapped abyss of bad ideas.

We laughed nervously when Dragon Electronics described its sensor bar stand as perfect for automobile use, letting it pass as an off-color joke, but the same company is now advertising a Wii Car Lighter Adapter. You know, so you can play Wii Sports while driving.

We're not going to stop you from "pimping your ride" or whatever it is that kids are doing nowadays to waste their parents' money; just don't be surprised when your mangled body is laid out on asphalt, covered in broken glass and blood, and we're sorting through the wreckage to grab whatever's left of your console.

So what's next on the suicidal accessory list? A mini-float to keep your Wii and its wires above water while you take a bath? Or a convenient, automatic device that twists the cord of your nunchuck into a noose, tightening its length around your neck as the tips of your toes struggle to grip the unsteady surface of a wobbly chair?

Look past the post break for the Car Lighter Adapter's fact sheet, but be careful not to let yourself slip.

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