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Circuit City shoppers invited to compete in World Cyber Games


The nation's best cyber-athletes are already beginning to gather in New York City for the World Cyber Games US Open. Who knows what kind of trials they've endured as they've trained for months, quite possibly years, analyzing the subtleties of each individual frame of animation found in their favorite video game. These competitors, after tirelessly battling countless opponents, will ultimately prove themselves by facing their greatest challenge yet ... you.

For those confident in their gaming skills, it's not too late to join the World Cyber Games. The WCG is the leading video game tournament in the world, offering corporate sponsored cash prizes that are beginning to rival other more legitimate sporting events. Those that want to partake in the competition will want to find one of 28 Circuit City stores that are participating in the newly announced World Cyber Games Tour.

The Tour will feature two tricked out motor coaches, loaded with HDTVs and tournament games, including: Gears of War, Dead or Alive 4, Project Gothem Racing 3, Tony Hawk's Project 8, FIFA Soccer 07 and Need for Speed Carbon. Players will be competing for a chance to earn wild card slots into a regional WCG event, where they'll have a chance to be defeated by one of the nation's top players. For more details on the tour, visit Circuit City's website.

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