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Disney going HD neutral? IMDB says yes, we say no [UPDATE]

Jem Alexander

Those of you desperate for a HD DVD copy of Badder Santa: The Unrated Version are likely in for a bit of a disappointment. Though IMBD clearly states that the film, published by Disney, will be released on Blu-Ray, HD DVD and DVD, those of us with our eyes on the HD format war know that Disney remains a staunch exclusive Blu-Ray supporter.

We sound pretty certain that this isn't the start of Disney defecting over to the Dark-Red Side (HD DVD, in case you need it spelling out), don't we? How can we be so sure? Well the Sony Protection Group said it well enough themselves, but we'll paraphrase.

Two weeks ago the head of Disney extolled the virtues of the Blu-Ray disc. He gave reasons why it will win the format war and so why Disney will be supporting it with its huge archive of film content and upcoming releases. It would seem strange, then, that so soon after saying all of this the company would suddenly change their release philosophy - and especially without sending out some sort of press release stating this fact. If this was the case, however, it is safe to assume that a revelation such as this would warrant more than just one line in a news blurb, without any elaboration. Stranger still, most other sites have this release pegged for Blu-Ray only. Because of all this we can safely say that we firmly believe this to be an error on IMDB's behalf.

To be honest, though, we'd rather this particular film wasn't coming to either format. It's not exactly on our top 100 most anticipated High Definition releases.

[Via PS3Forums]

[UPDATE] It looks like we got our wish. Badder Santa will not be released on either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD according to HiDef Digest. Disney have also reaffirmed that they have no plans to support the HD-DVD format. We told you so.

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