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This one's for the ladies

Eric Caoili

As far as "powerful storylines" and "strong well-written characters" go, there haven't been many releases on the DS that we could direct you to. Hotel Dusk works well as an interactive mystery novel, and you could always download the Dubliners eBook -- shout-outs to Moonshell and the Moon Books Project -- but where do you go from there?

Independent studio nDreams is convinced that is has a tale in need of telling and is looking to break into the casual gaming business with Venus Redemption, an episodic adventure targeted at 30-plus-year-old female gamers. The planned immersive title will be plotted out by film and new media writer Kate Pullinger and graphic novelist Gordon Rennie. Catering to its casual audience, nDreams promises that the game will be "extremely easy to play, requiring only the ability to move and left-click a mouse."

Expect to hear more about Venus Redemption this July 5th when nDreams demonstrates the PC/Wii/DS game to potential publishers and distributors.

[Via Joystiq]

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