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Canada taking strict anti-piracy measures

Ryan Block, @ryan

Looks like Warner and the IIPA managed to rack up a minor victory in the Great White North, as new legislation has officially been introduced in Ottawa which would result in the permanent crackdown on camcording in movie theaters. While we don't really hold with Montreal filmmaker Kevin Tierney, who supported the new anti-piracy bill and said, "you can't go to a concert and put a tape recorder on and steal it" (yes, you can -- and many venues and musicians encourage fans to do just that), we also don't necessarily think it's wrong to not want users to make bootleg recordings of movies. Now, is it something that should be punished by two years in prison even if you're doing it for personal use, as this new Canadian law predicates? Hell no. Can't we please go back to the days of hard time for, you know, hard crime?

[Thanks Jason, everyone who sent this in]

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