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Early review round-up of the Motorola Q9


We know you like to hear the good stuff first when it comes to reviews -- in this case of the Motorola Q9 -- so we'll start there: the Q9's keyboard is probably the best advocate for "good," with reviewers from CNET, Phonescoop, and Trusted Reviews all digging its tactility (even if we didn't). The only site to test battery life was CNET, which discovered an acceptable and now pretty much standard "lasts all day without recharge" ability. The main negative aspect of the phone is its chunkiness, which we noticed in our hands-on. Unfortunately that's something you'll have to deal with, along with the lack of WiFi, a slightly small screen, and yet another style of USB port (this time it's micro-USB). Other quirks include a default install of the Opera web browser over Pocket Internet Explorer (to each their own we suppose), an eschewing of MobileOffice in favour of DocumentsToGo, and a strange flash that blinks at random in viewfinder mode. It seems as if Moto made an attempt at the basics and got somewhere, but let themselves down in the details. As always, it's up to you whether you can put yourself above them.

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