Hands-on with a Motorola Q9 in the wild

Well lookey lookey, the cellphone fairy dropped us off an unbranded Motorola Q9 to fool around with. Cut to the chase: we're not going to lie: the fact that it's larger than the Q is somewhat unacceptable in our eyes -- we really don't care that it has HSDPA, 3G is no longer an excuse for a big ass phone. Also unfortunate: no more scroll wheel, you're now stuck with the usual up/down rocker buttons. The keyboard, which looks especially tactile, isn't really all that fantastic, and kind of reminded us of a grid of slick, round hard-candies. Basically, we're not super stoked for the Q9, but hey, it ain't over until it's out, and this thing hasn't shown any signs of US release in the near future, so maybe they'll have time to work out some kinks.